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MEMORANDUM: CFO Jeff Atwater’s Letter to Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty Regarding the Cost of Property Insurance


TO:  Interested Media
FROM: Chris Cate, Communications Director for Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater
Please see the attached letter from Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater to Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty regarding the reinsurance market and the CFO’s concerns about the cost of property insurance for Floridians.
If you have any questions or need additional information, please call CFO Atwater’s press office at (850) 413-2842.
The text of the CFO’s letter is copied below.
# # #
Dear Commissioner McCarty,
As I expressed in our recent meeting, I remain very concerned that property insurance companies are not passing along the reinsurance cost savings they are experiencing to Florida homeowners. Therefore, I request that you analyze Florida’s insurance companies to ensure they are treating Floridians fairly.
Year after year, insurance companies have been telling their customers and the Legislature that the “simple” explanation for the higher rates they are charging was due to reinsurance costs going up.  Furthermore, they made representations that if reinsurance rates were to fall they would pass those savings along to their customers. But now that insurance companies are experiencing a significant decrease in the cost of their reinsurance, they are not lowering rates for consumers.
I am well aware of the need for insurers to carry adequate reinsurance and that the Florida Statutes allow insurers to purchase enough reinsurance to cover a 1 in 250 year storm.  You have told me, however, that companies have rarely if ever purchased reinsurance to cover a 1 in 250 year storm.
If companies historically did not believe they needed more reinsurance and your office was not mandating that they acquire more reinsurance, then please tell me how they are now deploying the savings they are receiving from lower reinsurance costs. My question to you is simple: “Why have rates not come down?”
I am asking that you oversee an analysis that provides Floridians an accurate representation of how much insurers are saving, how they are utilizing these savings and how customers are benefiting. My request is not suggesting insurers should put themselves at any greater risk or not acquire the appropriate level of reinsurance. Our goal should be to ensure rates are fair and companies are sound.
Such an analysis will require a significant review of data but I believe that Floridians are due such an assessment.  Please provide me your analysis by December 18. If you believe this timetable is not manageable let me know.

Jeff Atwater