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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT…WTSP Tampa Bay:"Florida insurance scam is costing you money"


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WTSP Tampa Bay:"Florida insurance scam is costing you money"
"Florida insurance scam is costing you money"
WTSP –Tampa Bay
Written by Kendra Conlon
July 9, 2015

Click HERE to watch the video
Florida's fight against insurance fraud is thrust into the national spotlight as investigators reveal what it takes to crackdown on fake car crashes and phony injuries. The bogus insurance claims are costing you big bucks.

In "Operation Cold Call", investigators discovered a ring of attorneys, doctors and clinic employees allegedly recruiting, then paying "so called patients" for injuries they really never received in staged car crashes.

"Every person who walks through the door is worth $10,000 in insurance claims," says one investigator.

Florida's CFO, Jeff Atwater tells 10 News that the national spotlight on A&E's American Takedown reveals the scam that's costing auto insurance policy holders around a billion dollars a year in higher premiums for personal injury protection or PIP.

"There's been about a 40% increase in their auto insurance premiums just for the PIP portion of their insurance policy. That's what these families have been going through," says Atwater.

"It's a huge rip off," Atwater says.

"This won't be tolerated…" Atwater says.

Anyone with information about suspected insurance fraud is asked to call 1-800-378-0445.

The episode will replay Sunday, July 12th, at 10am EST.
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