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CFO Jeff Atwater: 9/11 Still Feels Like Yesterday


Contact: Ashley Carr
(850) 413 – 2842

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater today released the following statement commemorating the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York, Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon.

CFO Atwater said, “On the eve of the 14th anniversary, it feels like just yesterday that the assault on the foundation of our nation took place. The horrific images of that day are forever seared into the hearts and minds of every American who experienced that fateful day.

“No American will ever forget where they were when they heard the news of the attacks on that day. We gathered family together. We stopped in our tracks. We watched in horror as the magnitude of the day began to settle in. The stories came, of people – their faces, their names – of families who lost loved ones or struggled to know their fate. We heard recordings – desperate pleas for help, frantic calls to spouses and goodbye calls to children – and a nation’s heart broke watching its countrymen grieve.

“But in those times, America showed the world the character of a free nation. Out of the ashes and destruction, we heard stories of bravery and selflessness – stories of ordinary people who rose to great heights in the face of evil. Firefighters and police officers donned their uniforms, ran fearlessly and directly into harm’s way to help others, and rightfully became engrained in the memories etched into our minds of that day. Their families waited and wondered whether their loved one would ever make it home, and for this we owe them our most heartfelt gratitude and admiration. Heroes on United Flight 93 leapt into action to defend their fellow man. It was an awakening to the presence of everyday heroes who live and walk among us.

“This week we remember, and we vow to never forget the lives that were lost, the sacrifices that were made and how the events of that day forever changed the landscape of our nation. Let us be inspired by their legacies and rededicate ourselves to the work of freedom.”


Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, a statewide elected official, oversees the Department of Financial Services. CFO Atwater’s priorities include fighting financial fraud, abuse and waste in government, reducing government spending and regulatory burdens that chase away businesses, and providing transparency and accountability in spending. Follow the activities of the Department on Facebook (FLDFS) and Twitter (@FLDFS).