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Consumer Assistance


  • Need Our Help? - These services are provided by our Department to assist you with your insurance needs.
    Consumer Services
  • Consumer Help Online - Need assistance with an insurance company, agent or agency?
    Consumer Services


  • Change of Name/Address - Claimants or policyholders of a company in liquidation who have recently moved or otherwise changed your current name and/or mailing address
    Rehabilitation and Liquidation


  • Mediation - Florida law provides informal alternative dispute resolution programs for certain types of insurance claims.
    Consumer Services

Mediation continued

Technology Services

  • Information Technology - The Office of Information Technology (OIT) plans, manages, and operates the information technology (IT) resources for the Department of Financial Services (DFS), Office of Financial Regulation (OFR), and Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR). OIT focuses on understanding the business of its customers, improving those business processes, and delivering innovation.
    Information Technology