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Buying Insurance

  • Shop and Compare - Consumer HomeOwners Insurance Comparison Electronic System (CHOICES).
    Consumer Services
  • Purchasing Insurance - Protect yourself by learning the steps to take when purchasing insurance.
    Consumer Services

Civil Remedy

  • Filing a Civil Remedy - When your disagreement with an insurer has reached the point of seeking remedy through the courts, after receiving assistance from the Department in resolving a dispute.
    Consumer Services


  • Insurance Company Search - The Office of Insurance Regulation company search service can provide full names, business addresses, and identifying information for companies/entities doing business in the State of Florida.
    Consumer Services

Health Insurance

  • Individual Carrier List - Active individual carriers in Florida marketing guaranteed issue health insurance policies for eligible individuals.
    Consumer Services
  • Small Group Carrier List - A listing of active small group carriers in Florida offering health insurance to small business owners in Florida
    Consumer Services

Insurance Alerts


  • Receivership - Links to companies that are closed, in liquidation or in rehabilitation
    Rehabilitation and Liquidation

Payroll Services


  • Verify Before You Buy - Before you sign a contract or write a check, verify the entity is authorized and licensed to transact business in Florida or with Florida residents
    Consumer Services
  • Agent & Agency Licensee Search - Names and business addresses of licensees with at least one active license in the state of Florida.
    Agent and Agency Services
  • Closed Professional Liability Claims Search - Search for closed liability claims on Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals, HMOs, Abortion Clinics, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Crisis Stabilization Units and Lawyers.
    Consumer Services