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Safety & Awareness


  • Division of State Fire Marshal - To reduce the loss of life and property to fire and other disasters statewide through internal and external leadership, standards and training, prevention and education, and fire and arson investigation
    State Fire Marshal

Emergency Services

  • Firefighter Safety and Health Section - Improving firefighter safety and health by working Post-It for Safety News! cooperatively with our constituents through guidance, resource, investigation, inquiry and inspection.
    State Fire Marshal
  • Firefighting - Staffing of the firefighting/Emergency Support function for coordination of statewide firefighting in a disaster or state emergency. (ESF4)
    State Fire Marshal
  • Search and Rescue - Staffing of Search and Rescue function for coordination of the teams deployed during a state emergency. (ESF9)
    State Fire Marshal

Public Schools

  • Fire Safety Status - Ensuring that every public school, charter school and community college is inspected by an independent fire authority.
    State Fire Marshal
  • Inspection Report - Find your public school's fire safety inspection report
    State Fire Marshal

Volunteer Firefighters

  • Volunteer Firefighting - Florida Volunteer & Firefighter 1 (FF1) Training for volunteer firefighters
    State Fire Marshal